As we grudgingly watch summer draw to a close, moose are congregating in valleys and passes. This is a great time to see huge bulls, antlers shedding their velvet, challenge each other for dominance as they come into the rut or mating season.


One of the few benefits of shorter days this time of year is longer nights, bringing great opportunities to see and photograph the aurora borealis. At AWA, we specialize in getting off the road for a truly unique experience. Seeing and photographing the northern lights behind a foreground of water and mountains is an extraordinary experience you’ll never forget. The last few weeks has brought snow cover to the mountains around Anchorage, adding to the beauty.

Our next scheduled aurora tours will run the week of November 16, 2020. We’ll leave Anchorage and head to a remote site about an hour from town where you’ll see and photograph the lights in a most extraordinary display of beauty. The KP index these nights is expected to be very high! The northern lights aren’t predictable, but odds are good they will be bright and active on these nights. Don’t miss it! Tour times 10pm to 3am, seats are $180 per person with a two person minimum per trip. Please contact us to book your trip now!
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