Late Summer


We’ve been seeing both moose and bear recently on our Kenai Peninsula tours. The salmon are still in rivers in good numbers and bears are getting their share.
As we grudgingly watch summer draw to a close, moose are congregating in valleys and passes. This is a great time to see huge bulls, antlers shedding their velvet, challenge each other for dominance as they come into the rut or mating season.
Goats & Glaciers

The Glacier Tour is one of our favorite trips. It certainly hasn’t failed to please this summer, with great views of the glacier and sometimes mountain goat along the way. Both of these shoes are taken on a glacier tour, August 2020.

Beluga Whales

We’ve recently been seeing Belugas on our anchorage area trips! These have been a bit rare the last few years, but looks like they’re starting to come back in decent numbers. The ones pictured were seen in late August 2020.

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