Summer has undoubtedly lost its grasp on Suthcentral Alaska. There’s fresh snow, and the local wildlife is making final preparations for winter.

Of course, one great benefit of the fewer hours of daylight this time of year is the increase in opportunity to view the Aurora Borealis. We’ve already had exceptional views of the Northern Lights this season, and are anticipating some awesome light shows over the coming weeks and months.

Next scheduled Northern Lights tours:

Monday, Oct 4, 9:30pm

The bears, sensing the change in seasons, have moved to the hillsides, where we’ve been able to see them regularly.

One of the highlights this time of year is the moose that congregate in the valleys of the Chugach Range not far from Anchorage.
AWA guests watch and photograph an awesome bull moose in a Chugach valleynear Anchorage, Alaska, Fall 2021

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